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Hostile Skateteam
Mike Caudle


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K-Grind At Pole Green DVS Demo.

Interview. (04/15/02)

Ahmed:  1. Who or what got you into skatin'?
Mike:  My little bro got me into skating after I had only gotten a board cuz everyone teased me about my video game skillz
Ahmed:  2. How long has it been since then?
Mike:  2 whole years 
Mike:  ha
Mike:  thats this many  1+1
Ahmed:  Lol..
Ahmed:  3. Who do you usually skate with?
Mike:  hmm Chaos Theorem team riders, Dominion team riders,and anyone else who is down to skate anything
Ahmed:  4. What's your favorite skate spot?
Mike:  damn you  why did u start with the hard ones already?
Mike:  hold on
Ahmed:  Heh'..
Mike:  ill get back to you on that one
Mike:  wait I know   West End
Ahmed:  5. Who is your all time favorite skater?
Mike:  Prolly Mullen cuz he made up all those tricks and has soo much skill and his own tricks not many people can do...i wanna be like that invent tricks or sumthing
Ahmed:  6. What do you think of Tony Hawk?
Mike:  HAHA
Mike:  next please
Ahmed:  Heh'..
Ahmed:  7. Who your favorite band or artist?
Mike:  I guess i like that band that plays that song ya know 
Ahmed:  8. What teams are you on?
Mike:  Real team  Dominion  Local team Chaos Theorem.
Ahmed:  9. What's your favorite skate video?
Mike:  Adio-One Step Beyond
Ahmed:  10.  Do you think you'll ever turn pro?
Mike:  I want to but no
Ahmed:  11.  If you could be a pro skater from any decade, who would you be?
Mike:  Mullen
Ahmed:  12.  Who was the first person to do a kickflip?
Mike:  Out of my friends??
Mike:  that i ever saw
Ahmed:  Ever, in the history of skateboarding.
Mike:  My lil bro
Mike:  yea my lil bro
Mike:  wait im confused
Mike:  that i saw or just anyone
Ahmed:  Anyone..
Ahmed:  In the world..
Mike:  but that i saw or no
Mike:  im not sure i know Mullen invented the Magic Flip
Ahmed:  Guess.
Mike:  You
Ahmed:  Heh', Mullen.
Mike:  oh
Ahmed:  13.  What's the first skate video you ever saw?
Mike:  Shorty's Fullfill The dream
Ahmed:  14.  What's the worse injury you've ever had?
Mike:  I fell and got a boo-boo on my arm
Mike:  and twisted my ankle
Mike:  thats the worst
Ahmed:  15. Where are you going after this interview?
Mike:  bed

Double Kickflip Big Network. (Filmed By Ryan Flowers)