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Hostile Skateteam
Local Spots


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Here is a list of some local spots all around Richmond :

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1.Commonwealth Plaza - Has a bunch of gaps, manual pad, a 6 stair. On  Hull street road (360) across from the Brandermill Community.
2. La siesta/Sheraton - la siesta has a roof gap, and sheraton has a 6 stair handrail and a 15 stair handrail. Located on Midlothian turnpike, between Chesterfield Town Center and Clover Leaf Mall.
3. Southport - Big and small loading docks, grass gaps, 5 stair handrail, lots of stairs and gaps. Much to be discovered. Located on Research road off of midlothian turnpike.
4. Target - 7 stair and a 7 stair handrail. Right off of Midlothian beside a Ukrops.
5. Kabutos - 4 stair handrail- on midlo turnpike between sams club and chester field towncenter.
6. Greenfield - Two rails, two boxes, a ramp, and some other stuff to skate. Located off of Robious Road, talk to Mike Caudle for more information.  
7. Epiphany Church - 7 Stair with a good runway for a decent run. A 6 stair and a roof gap that has only been done once. Located in Smoketree off of Court House. 
8. Market Square - Nice grass gap with a pretty big drop off, stairs, other smaller gaps, etc. Lots off fun. Located off on Hull Street across from Commonwealth Plaza.
9. Hunter Chase Apartments - a few double, triple, and quad sets, a huge 9 stair, only done by one, therse alot there to be done, nice handrails on all the sets. Located next to commonwealth, across from Brandermill.
10. Sunday Park - some picnic table gaps, over barriers, and over a railing down about 10 feet, very fun.....Located in brandermill, behind the Huge church, church has a 10 set, and by the docks, NOT AT SUNDAYS!! behind it, sundays has a huge 7 set, but follow the path back to find a small picnic area, and they are now paving a path to the 12 set, so watch out for brandermill parkway.