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Hostile Skateteam
Jared Crane


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Huge 11 Stair Ollie...

Interview. (04/16/02)

Ahmed:  1. Who or what got you into skatin'? 
Jared:  this kid at my school, he's like a fag prep now, but he had a  World board and I thought it was the coolest thing. It was even funnier when I started cause all the skater preps made fun of me, and now im better than them
Ahmed:  2. How long has it been since then? 
Jared:  not long enough
Ahmed:  3. Who do you usually skate with? 
Jared:  Chaos Theorem, usually caudle, drew and jon and those cool fellas, scott bernard (looks like a turtle), chad frith (nemesis times), and chip
Ahmed:  4. What's your favorite skate spot? 
Jared:  Parham Park,  and I would say Curtis', but, ya know.. :(
Ahmed:  5. Who is your all time favorite skater? 
Jared:  fuckin Tom Penny, oh man, but ya know, the list goes on.. Greg Lutzka, Tosh Townend, Jamie Thomas rips like a motha, Reynolds, etc..
Ahmed:  6. What do you think of Tony Hawk? 
Jared:  A damn legend, everyones like "haha he's a fag". They should read his book, fuck, ill buy them copies if they need them. That guys amazing...
Jared:  He invented over 80 tricks you know that?
Ahmed:  Yeah, my bro' read the book.
Jared:  good book, only one on my shelf besides the Encyclopedia
Ahmed:  Lol.
Ahmed:  7. Who is your favorite band or artist? 
Jared:  AC/DC, Pink Floyd, The Ataris, or AFI
Jared:  or The Doors
Ahmed:  8. What team(s) are you on? 
Jared:  Chaos Theorem
Jared:  and Flip, but ya know, don't tell anyone..
Ahmed:  9. What's your favorite skate video? 
Jared:  Anthology or Misled Youth, or VideoRadio
Ahmed:  Yeah, I wanna see VideoRadio, Colts the man.
Jared:  yes, switch 180 heels,
Ahmed:  10.  Do you think you'll ever turn pro? 
Jared:  Don't ask me, ask my friends
Ahmed:  11.  If you could be a pro skater from any decade, who would you be? 
Jared:  Tom Penny.. minus the drugs
Jared:  or Tosh Townend
Ahmed:  12.  Who was the first person to ever do a kickflip? 
Jared:  The Mullet
Ahmed:  Yep.
Ahmed:  13.  What's the first skate video you ever saw?
Jared:  Thrasher- Hall of Meat
Ahmed:  14.  What's the worse injury you've ever had? 
Jared:  I sprained my ankle... twice
Ahmed:  15. Where are you going after this interview? 
Jared:  to get in bed with mikes mom haha nah jus playin.. im gonna watch the Globe video and then bed

Tailslide Down Picnic Table.